For high performance of your field technicians and production line QA engineers, you need powerful, cutting-edge microscopes that deliver the ultimate in mobility, accuracy and ease of use. Sumix probes are designed with these things in mind.

Purpose built high-quality optics

Make lab quality measurements in the field. See defects as small as 0.5 μm with Manta HM and Scopio B, 0.75 μm with Manta-W+ and Manta+V2, and 1 μm for Scopio-A.

Extended working distance

Easily inspect connectors in dense patch panels and hard-to-reach equipment or vehicles.

Flat housing

Flat housing prevents the probe from slipping off the work surface — it stays where you place it.

Aluminum body, stainless steel barrel

An aluminum alloy body and stainless steel barrel ensures a durable tool.

Test button

Inspect connectors at the push of a button. Fewer movements – less time.


Fast and accurate autofocus leaves no room for operator's errors.
* Available with Manta microscope series only

Wide variety of tips

Inspect all types of single-fiber and multi-fiber optical connectors, patchcords and bulkhead, including but not limited to: MT, MPO, LC, FC, SC, CS®, SN®, E2000™, MXC, PRIZM, QSFP, ARINC, MIL-38999, ODC®, Q-ODC®, SMA, High-power SMA, Avim, mini-Avim and more. Can’t find the tip you’re looking for on our website? Just ask us

Manta W+ and Manta HM Dimensions

SMX-Manta-W+ dimensions

Dimensions (H × W × L): 77 × 28 (36) × 249 mm (3 × 1.1 (1.4) × 9.8 inches)
Housing material: aluminum alloy;
Barrel material: stainless steel
Weight: 491 g (1.08 lbs)

SMX-Manta+V2 Dimensions

SMX-Manta+V2 dimensions

Dimensions (H × W × L): 75 × 28 × 233 mm (2.95 × 1.1 × 9.17 inches)
Housing material: aluminum alloy;
Barrel material: stainless steel
Weight: 475 g (1.05 lbs)

SMX-Scopio Dimensions

SMX-Scopio dimensions

Dimensions (H × W × L): 56.3 × 25 × 201 mm (2.22 × 0.98 × 7.91 inches)
Housing material: aluminum;
Barrel material: stainless steel
Weight: 360 g (0.79 lbs)